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Business Development Manager

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Vaurse is an early-stage startup on a mission to transform how we recruit, work, and get paid.

Our first product, Vaurse talent, is an AI-based job matching platform that matches candidates’ dream jobs. We leverage intelligent technology to match people with the right opportunities based on their qualifications, skills, and interests. By eliminating the need to send a CV and cover letter for every job, providing real-time information, and promoting transparency, we make hiring simple, fast, and stress-free.

Vaurse talent is committed to ensuring objective hiring decisions. We use unbiased technology and objective assessments to showcase everyone’s potential and help minimize unconscious bias in the hiring process.

We make it super easy for Employers to find the best talent quickly to fill out job roles without hassle. Think of it as the “Google for Candidates.”

We are a start-up aiming to have clients from all over the world. So, we would like to grow our business in Africa, starting from Ghana and Nigeria; therefore, we need a skilled business development partner to acquire and manage new client relationships and marketing campaigns.

In the role of the Business Development Manager, you will be responsible for the following;

  • Developing relationships with prospective clients while maintaining existing client relationships.
  • Negotiating contract terms with clients and communicate terms to other stakeholders, and then closing deals.
  • Conducting market research, set clear objectives and goals.
  •  Develop a strategic business development plan, and lead fundraising campaigns.
  • Collaborating with design, production, and technical teams to ensure contracted product specifications are executed on time and as agreed.
  • Lead, develop and execute the vision for marketing automation programs, identifying and pitching new campaign opportunities that support business objectives.
  • Become a subject matter expert on our business products, processes, and operations, and remain up-to-date on industry news.


  • Experience in Business administration or marketing communications.
  • Experience in the HR and Financial industry
  • Experience in B2B sales, as well as skills related to strategic analysis and marketing.
  • Entrepreneurship and management orientation
  • Excellent negotiation and presentation skills
  • Self-starter, organized, and self-motivated responsible with the ability to define goals and prioritize your work.
  • You’ll work closely with the other co-founder to support the company’s vision, mission, and guiding principles.

 We believe in diversity; we like to discover new cultures, new people and see different things from different perspectives, which leads us to understand the right target at the right time and place

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